FOLIO Architects Founder Deepa Dhar honored as Women of Influence in Silicon Valley
Featured in Silicon Valley/ San Jose Business Journal
March 19, 2010 - Founder and CEO Deepa Dhar has been named as one of Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal´┐Żs Women of Influence for 2010. The Journal is celebrating the accomplishments of 100 exceptional Silicon Valley women. These women are leaders in either the private, public or not-for-profit sectors and, most importantly, they make a difference to our community. Full Story
Economic change prompts inherently green solutions
By Deepa Dhar- R&D Magazine- Lab Design News letter
December 21,  2009 – After years of debt-fueled extravagance, Americans have taken a sobering hit where it hurts the most: their paycheck, pocketbook and retirement funds. Full Story
Achieving Excellence in Project Execution - Due Diligence
By Deepa Dhar- Bay Bio Notes
December,  2009 – The design & quality of a space has tremendous impact on people.        Full Story
Cost Effective Design Solution for Today’s Economy - A Common Sense Approach
Speaker- Deepa Dhar @Gene Acres 17 Conference
September 30,  2009 – This session will address the importance of utilizing our resources most effectively while addressing the changing demands of the biotech industry.   Full Story
Achieving Excellence in Project Execution - Due Diligence
By Deepa Dhar- International Facilities Management Newsletter
August,  2009 – We are all too familiar with the multiple tasks a facilities manager has to undertake
Full Story
Architect Firm Focuses on R & D
By Cromwell Schubarth – Silicon Valley/ San Jose Business Journal
April 24,  2009 – Folio Architects  provides architectural design services, specializing in technically challenging projects for research & development customers   Full Story